Mayra’s Story

It’s been nearly five years since I moved from Orange County California to Houston but I have very few friends. So when I started walking home from work every other day I resolved to be friendly to whomever crossed my path. Some awkward smiles and tentative hellos from people emboldened me to continue being friendly. One late September evening, it took me a little longer to leave work because I could not find my office keys. So ended up leaving an hour later than usual.

Still, there was still plenty of light and plenty of commuters on the road. A block away from the corner of Brittmore and Hammerly a young man in a black chevy truck pulled into the next drive way ahead of me. He greeted me warmly and respectfully. He introduced himself and offered me a ride. I told him I was walking for my health and would prefer to continue walking. We continued talking for about 20 minutes and the whole time he was very cordial and nice. He offered me a ride again and added that he would walk with me the rest of the way to keep me company if I didn’t want to ride with him. I dropped my guard and accepted the ride and asked him to drop me off at the high school. During the ride he continued to be friendly and respectful. Nothing could have alerted me to what happened next when he dropped me off in the school parking lot. He parked the car and as I was gathering my sweater and packpack to get off his truck he walked over to open the door for me and held his hand to help me get off. As I thanked him for the ride and prepared to say good-bye he asked if we could keep in touch and gave him my business card. Then he asked for a selfie for him to remember me by to which I consented as well. He snapped a couple of pictures but they they came out blurry so I set down my things and offered to take the picture myself. As he stood there behind me he grabbed my the hips, pulled me close to him and started rubbed up on me with an obvious erection. He just had this nasty smile on his face. He knew he had me. And I was too stunned by the whole thing to really stop him. It all happened so fast that it took me a minute to fully realize what he was doing. I just wanted him to finish and leave.…I didn’t want anybody else to notice what was going on, because I was so embarrassed by the whole thing. I felt so violated. I confronted him and all he could say is, “I couldn’t help it. I like you. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I’ve always wanted a woman like you.” I quickly gathered my things and walked away as quickly as I could, looking over my shoulder to make sure he didn’t follow me. Hot tears streamed down my face. I felt violated, disgusted and stupid! I’m a grown woman, a mother, I’ve always known how to take care of myself. How could I drop my guard and allow myself to be so vulnerable? I knew better. The shame was so overwhelming that I didn’t even think of taking down his license plate number, or remember to ask him to give me back my business card.

Since then I’ve changed my walking route, I carry pepper spray and I don’t talk to stranger on the street. I no longer greet people. YET, just last week, I saw him again… or rather he saw me. I was walking my new route and there two blocks away from my apartment complex, he was waiting for me in at a bank parking lot. I stoically walked past him ignoring him… I immediately called my 15 year old son to come meet me. We walked past our complex and around the next corner. we looked around before making our way back to our apartment complex.

I’m determined to not let this man scare me into not walking anymore.

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inaccurate location but here it goes

My friend and I were at Splashtown in the lazy river (I was 14 and my friend turned 13 that day) and we were at a quiet, isolated section of the lazy river. Just as we drifted by, I heard these two tall, run of the mill, fuckboys with snapbacks on and everything, shouting stuff like
“Hey baby, wanna fuck!”
“I want to c** in you so bad.”
“Wanna go have sex in the McDonald’s bathroom?”
to a female lifeguard who is literally like 10 years older than them. (The boys looked to be highschool freshmen or sophomores) They continue to do so after she told them to stop and we began casting dirty glares at them, but we were so shocked that we couldn’t even process what was going on and how to respond. At one point, the lifeguard showed them her wedding band and frankly told them “I’m married.”
Then one of the boys replied “Don’t worry; we’ll clean the condom.”
We continued drifting along with the currents, paralyzed and powerless, in shock as to what unfolded right before us. I still look back to that day and wonder why I couldn’t have mustered the courage to tell them off. I can’t believe that something like this would happen in such a relatively friendly town; the boys to be so young, too!

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Indecent exposure

At 9:30 am Monday 2/29, in the lower level parking outside of Forever 21, a young male, mid twenties stood outside his car while exposing his fully erect penis. He had his right arm on his open door and his left on the top of his car and was wearing a dark shirt and jeans. He watched me intently as I drove by behind the car and continued watching me as I drove past the front of his car. I immediately called 911 and drove to the upper level of parking where I could look down over the pervert. While on the phone with dispatch I saw him playing with himself until the the police pulled up and he jumped in his car. They stopped him and handled the situation appropriately.

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Sam’s Story

Today I was walking ONE BLOCK from our session hotel in Houston. I was on my way to the Houston Galleria because I had not made my 10,000 steps yet (and just ate like, a million calories in mac and cheese. It is a delicate balance, obvi.) As I was walking, a light blue car pulled up next to me and slowed down.

He said, “Hey!”

I kept walking.

He said, “HEY!”

I kept walking.

He said, “What is your name?”

I said, “No. Stop.”

He said, “No? That is not an answer. What is your name?”

At this point I thought of all of the articles I had read about women “hollering back,” but lost my courage.

I said, “No, stop.” and shook my head.

Mind you, this guy looks like he probably touts himself as a feminist in his circle of friends.

He stops the car, starts shouting at me about my “fucking fat thighs.” and I also hear, “Lose some weight you fucking fat-ass.”

At this point, I’m mad. So I give him the finger and make a b-line to Saks.

He stops the car again and tells me that “I have a fucking fat face.” And more stuff about my weight. Then he speeds off.

I walk to Saks, stand in front of the valet guy, sobbing. The valet guy is clearly TERRIFIED of a crying woman.

And that, my friends, is what it is like to be a woman, walking to a store at 8pm in a well-lit area.

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I was beautiful until I told him not to touch me.

The CVS employees just stood there as he touched me, called me out of my name and followed me out the store. Older male. I feel so sorry for his children if he has any.

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harassment, physical, verbal

Walking Down Sage Road

I was walking down Sage when a man in a fancy white car slowed down to honk at me, made sexual gestures, and yelled so loudly I could hear him despite his closed windows. I flipped him the bird and he drove away.

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Those that missed the memo…telling someone they look like they just woke up is RUDE. Keep the change and those condescending pet names.

Kailey’s Story:

The cashier at the Valero near IAH called me “sweetie” and “babe” and asked me why I looked like I had just woken up (I hadn’t, not like it matters). Ew!

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harassment, physical, stalking, verbal


I have experienced a lot in the 12 years of this sorry I am speechless

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