harassment, physical, verbal

Walking Down Sage Road

I was walking down Sage when a man in a fancy white car slowed down to honk at me, made sexual gestures, and yelled so loudly I could hear him despite his closed windows. I flipped him the bird and he drove away.

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Those that missed the memo…telling someone they look like they just woke up is RUDE. Keep the change and those condescending pet names.

Kailey’s Story:

The cashier at the Valero near IAH called me “sweetie” and “babe” and asked me why I looked like I had just woken up (I hadn’t, not like it matters). Ew!

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harassment, physical, stalking, verbal


I have experienced a lot in the 12 years of this sorry I am speechless

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Historia de Sara: “Imaginaros la sensación de indefensión para mi y para los niños…”

Baje a pasear con tres niños y un bebe por bajo de mi casa. Un vecino del portal de al lado salió con una niña, pero luego me percaté que la niña no iba con él. Le fuí a dar los buenos dias como buena vecina y él me miró intensamente y se tocó los genitales. Imaginaros la sensación de indefensión para mi y para los niños. Aparté a los niños y seguimos paseando, el hombre se sentó en frente del portal. Luego subimos a casa y él seguia allí.

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harassment, the movement, verbal

Open Letter to Britni…RE: #AbuserDynamics & Oppression Within The Hollaback! Organization

I am replying to Britni as another site leader tossing some opinions in the hat. It is not my preference to discuss this matter on twitter.

I am also replying in acknowledgement of your pain and frustration, Britni. I know that my response is not the one you’re looking for and that can only come from the people in charge of this organization. Even though your actions are extremely hurtful to me, I can empathize with wanting to be heard and wanting to have your pain acknowledged. I hear you. It is not my aim to tell you that your feelings don’t matter. It is not my aim to tell you that I don’t believe that you have gone through a traumatic experience during your time with this organization. I will however, put my foot down when I see misinformation being spread about things other than your personal experiences. I will speak up when I feel like the wrong person is trying to speak for me. I will speak up when I am able. This conversation can go on forever and most of this will not be resolved in public.


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harassment, verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO!: Harassed by a cyclist while walking my dog…

A man riding his bike screamed “Hey hey hey – pretty in purple!” While I was walking my dog with my fiance.

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Ana’s Story: Disgusting sleaze pretending to need directions

I was walking today from the parking lot to the building where I work and a man pulled up next to me and asked for directions. I stopped to answer him because I’ve myself had to ask strangers for help in the past and I wanted to pay it forward if I could. Well, after I regretfully told the guy I didn’t know how to get to where he was going, my little innocuous interaction turned dirty.

“Can I eat that little pussy?” he said, really more as a statement than a question.

I was baffled and sure I’d misheard him. I made a face like I hadn’t understood what he told me and he repeated himself.

At that point I turned rigid, did an immediate turn, and walked off in a hurry.

A few minutes later I was up on my floor at work and my anger had grown so intense I started crying. I’m a 22 year old college student and the fact that this sleaze was so explicit and so much older than my father made him especially creepy. It’s now been several hours since the encounter and I’m sad to say I still feel slimed.

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harassment, physical, verbal

Skylar’s Story: “He knew how terrified he made me before he ever actually touched me!”

I was volunteering at a bbq fundraiser. The front of my pants was pressed up against a table as I was pricing items on that table. I heard a voice behind me and became suddenly aware that a man was right behind me. He was so close that if I moved the slightest bit my body would touch his. My whole body tightened in fear. The stranger asked if I had come there with anyone and when I said “yes” he asked “Well, where is he then???” I nervously pointed out my girlfriend who was standing a distance away in a crowd. I laughed nervously waiting for him to move so that I could relax again, but he didn’t. He was too close for me to walk away or even turn around without touching him. I silently prayed that his next move wouldn’t be to touch me. Finally, he walked away laughing.

An hour or so later, I was helping my girlfriend sell raffle tickets. I was walking behind her slowly and suddenly someone was pressed up against the back of my body. His chest was against my back, his hand was on my arm, and the front of his pants was pressed up against my butt. I nervously looked back to confirm it was the same stranger. My whole body froze. I couldn’t move and I couldn’t speak. Why wouldn’t any words come out??? I was so angry at myself and so scared and violated.

My girlfriend looked back and noticed what was happening. She yelled at him and he walked away and high fived one of his friends and him and his friend laughed. Tears started to flow. I ran outside crying. I felt so humiliated and dirty. I was so angry at myself for not knowing what to do. I cried and cried and couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. That man is probably going about his life and not thinking about what he did at all and that just makes me angrier.

I was later told that, after the first time he came up to me, he laughed and joked to another person about how terrified I was and that my arms and hands were shaking out of control. He knew how terrified he made me before he ever actually touched me! This is not “flirtation that just went too far”. He touched me with the intent of making me feel scared and violated!

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