inaccurate location but here it goes

My friend and I were at Splashtown in the lazy river (I was 14 and my friend turned 13 that day) and we were at a quiet, isolated section of the lazy river. Just as we drifted by, I heard these two tall, run of the mill, fuckboys with snapbacks on and everything, shouting stuff like
“Hey baby, wanna fuck!”
“I want to c** in you so bad.”
“Wanna go have sex in the McDonald’s bathroom?”
to a female lifeguard who is literally like 10 years older than them. (The boys looked to be highschool freshmen or sophomores) They continue to do so after she told them to stop and we began casting dirty glares at them, but we were so shocked that we couldn’t even process what was going on and how to respond. At one point, the lifeguard showed them her wedding band and frankly told them “I’m married.”
Then one of the boys replied “Don’t worry; we’ll clean the condom.”
We continued drifting along with the currents, paralyzed and powerless, in shock as to what unfolded right before us. I still look back to that day and wonder why I couldn’t have mustered the courage to tell them off. I can’t believe that something like this would happen in such a relatively friendly town; the boys to be so young, too!