Category: harassment

Mayra’s Story

It’s been nearly five years since I moved from Orange County California to Houston but I have very few friends. So when I started walking home from work every other day I resolved to be friendly to whomever crossed my path. Some awkward smiles and tentative hellos from people emboldened me to continue being friendly. … Continued

inaccurate location but here it goes

My friend and I were at Splashtown in the lazy river (I was 14 and my friend turned 13 that day) and we were at a quiet, isolated section of the lazy river. Just as we drifted by, I heard these two tall, run of the mill, fuckboys with snapbacks on and everything, shouting stuff … Continued

Indecent exposure

At 9:30 am Monday 2/29, in the lower level parking outside of Forever 21, a young male, mid twenties stood outside his car while exposing his fully erect penis. He had his right arm on his open door and his left on the top of his car and was wearing a dark shirt and jeans. … Continued

Sam’s Story

Today I was walking ONE BLOCK from our session hotel in Houston. I was on my way to the Houston Galleria because I had not made my 10,000 steps yet (and just ate like, a million calories in mac and cheese. It is a delicate balance, obvi.) As I was walking, a light blue car … Continued

Walking Down Sage Road

I was walking down Sage when a man in a fancy white car slowed down to honk at me, made sexual gestures, and yelled so loudly I could hear him despite his closed windows. I flipped him the bird and he drove away. [got_back]