Category: verbal

Mayra’s Story

It’s been nearly five years since I moved from Orange County California to Houston but I have very few friends. So when I started walking home from work every other day I resolved to be friendly to whomever crossed my path. Some awkward smiles and tentative hellos from people emboldened me to continue being friendly. … Continued

Sam’s Story

Today I was walking ONE BLOCK from our session hotel in Houston. I was on my way to the Houston Galleria because I had not made my 10,000 steps yet (and just ate like, a million calories in mac and cheese. It is a delicate balance, obvi.) As I was walking, a light blue car … Continued

Walking Down Sage Road

I was walking down Sage when a man in a fancy white car slowed down to honk at me, made sexual gestures, and yelled so loudly I could hear him despite his closed windows. I flipped him the bird and he drove away. [got_back]