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HCC Diversity Summit table What the heck have we been up to lately, anyway?! For those of you that don’t follow us on Facebook, here’s a much needed recap of Hollaback! Houston’s latest activities: We were a Co-Sponsor for International Anti-Street Harassment Week 2014!  The organization, Stop Street Harassment, has been coordinating this program since 2011. … Continued

Week In Our Shoes: HOLLA Is Where The Heart Is Editon

Repost from 2/14/14 showcasing the latest greatest work being done by the global Hollaback! community: Week In Our Shoes: HOLLA Is Where The Heart Is Edition Hello Hollabackers!  This week, our Executive Director, Emily May, was named an Ashoka Fellow!! Such a great honor. Check out this awesome video introducing her as an Ashoka Fellow, talking about … Continued

Week In Our Shoes: The Last Edition of 2013

Check out what our global team has been up to lately! Repost from Hollaback! main: Published on December 31,2013 at 3:27 pm in The Movement, no comments    Hello Hollabackers! During the last weeks of 2013, Hollaback! was featured by She Rights, The Vancouver Sun, The Vancouver Straight, The Province, Ottawa Citizen, Velvet Butter Blog, Truth Out and Jezebel (plus a few others that will surely be … Continued

Awesome New Interview From Meredith Nudo!

Just before our launch party, Hermie had an opportunity to be interviewed for Meredith Nudo’s blog, Hardcore Nudoty.  Meredith is a cool person, smart writer and one of the previous founding Directors of Hollaback! Houston who now generously makes herself available for consulting with current and future HBH team members.  Thanks Meredith!!! <3 Here is … Continued

Dear John Letters

This past summer, July 25th, 2013 to be exact, the Hollaback! team held a conference in NYC…the HOLLA::Revolution! It was “the first ever international conference on street harassment” and brought together Hollaback! site leaders from across the globe, important speakers, supporters and even hosted workshops.  You can read all about it through the link posted … Continued

Houston is 1 of 14 Sites Launching Globally Today!!!

We are so proud to be on this list of new sites today!  Some of you may have been following us for a while as we are one site that is in fact re-launching.  The founding launch for Hollaback! Houston was in 2011 and after a brief pause, it is back!  Also, don’t forget we … Continued

Inspiration from DC!

A recent article in the Washington Post titled, “How should bicyclists handle harassment? D.C. area groups teach empowerment tactics.“ showcased more great ground work being done by Collective Action for Safe Spaces in the DC Metro area.  A strong partner in education and support for individuals who experience street harassment, we truly aspire to foster this … Continued

Official Hollaback! Houston Launch Party!!!

Mark your calendars, friends!!  Our day to celebrate the relaunch of Hollaback!  Houston has been set.  We are so excited to really get down to business after all the hours we’ve put in with preparation of this website and planning for the event.  It will be a well deserved moment for us to collect on … Continued

Updates from NYC!

Week In Our Shoes: Wins Edition! Hello Hollabackers! In the past week Hollaback! was featured by New York Observer, Stop Street Harassment, Impower You, Vitamin W, She Finds, Huffington Post, Jezebel, Yahoo, Daily Collegian, PR Daily, NewsFix, CTV Primetime, The Loop, AOL online, Total Beauty, Feminist Wednesday and The Prospect, who wrote a great piece on the normalization, embarrassment, confusion and reporting complications of public harassment. Hollaback! started a petition requesting Burt’s Bees … Continued